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Welcome to my website, Service Mouse; feel free to call me Mouse.
My actual name can be found here, but since it is a very Dutch name, most international relations call me Mouse.

You are here for the services that I provide, so let me tell you a bit on how we can benefit from dealing with each other...

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Mouse, the profile

Below you will be able to find my history, but that history has only shaped me to be the person you want as a freelancer now.

“Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun,”

Quote by George Scialabba, Harvard Magazine, 1983.

Above all you can expect that I am a very creative thinker, and this can mean many things:

  • I think in solutions; problems are merely misunderstood opportunities.
  • I think long term; having a goal sets the end of a path to follow, after that it's just filling in.
  • I observe and analyse, and analyse, and analyse.... this never ends.

Yet in the end, it is my intuitive skills that lead to quality results, it is what makes me great at creating:

  • Creative written content that engages the audience that needs your product.
  • Creative written content that connects your audience with your brand.
  • Appealing visual design for your target group, which represents the core values of your business.

But I am not a machine, I do not only produce, I am a remote online freelancer.

What does that mean?

It means your work is my portfolio.
It means your success is my pride.

It also means I am independent, we both can try if the relationship works.
If it does not, we can part without any hard feelings.
If it does, you have a stable go to whenever you are in need of my services.

Practically it means this:

- Only online remote work.
- Starting at 10 hours a week for a maximum of 4 months time. (or projects that are equivalent to this)
- Strong preference to flexible work which I can plan myself.

In return you get:

  • Reliability; no deadlines have ever been missed.
  • Flexibility; availability at your request; including weekends.
  • Quality; give me a goal to exceed.
  • Consultancy; no one better than an outsider can evaluate your workflow for improvements.






Mouse, the origins.

To keep things short, the first 8 years of my life I lived in several locations in Nicaragua, Malawi and the Netherlands.
From the very start I have always had the Dutch nationality, so after these 8 years I continued my life in the Netherlands.

Having had such an international background from an early age, has made me someone who is open to other cultures, and of course the English language.
These two factors come back throughout my whole life.

Between my eighth and 18th, I had a pretty standard life, a few things have guided me through this time though and shaped me further to who I am today...

  • I joined a scouting group and stayed with it for 15 years. I became a leader of children, educating them in how to set up camp (among other things), and later I became the leader of the 18+ team, while also taking up maintenance of the clubhouse and the materials. Eventually I was part of the core team leading the group, and I was involved in shaping its future.
  • I got to know music, and love to listen to many genres from classical to heavy metal. I prefer above all to listen to rock & metal, and I despise listening to dub step or anything akin to it.
  • Next to music, I really got into video games. The friends that I was playing them with were quite a bit taller than I am (even though I'm 1,85 m or 6.1") and so I got my nickname Mouse, which is closely related to the pronunciation of my name. Back then I played all kinds of games, like Zelda, Call of Duty, Halo, Sim City, The Sims, Rome Total War and many, many more. I have been a guild leader in browser games like Travian, I have been clan leader for several clans in Call of Duty, and I used to have my own private server to train my members. Gaming was life.
  • I played field hockey, but mostly basketball. The latter I played 3 times a week during a 3 year period. Not the most common place for a mouse, but one that fit.

From my 18th on, I went to study.
My high school focus point had been on a specific study; International Hospitality Management, but this turned out to be very different from what I expected. So I chose a different path and decided to find what I did want to do. (it sounds so simple...)

From this point on I did a course to reorientate myself, which lead me to believe I wanted to study video game design, although I had never truly picked up a pencil all that often.
So I tried and failed, and eventually started studying International Communication at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. Here I acquired a certificate for accomplishing the feat of acquiring all of the credits of the first year of my bachelor of arts within the required time.

Until this point I was in a forward flow, having moved my place of residence over 20 times, and having a healthy (though sometimes frustrating) path of life.

Enter the blank on my resume; three months in to the second year of my studies I fell gravely ill. It took me completely by surprise and made me have to quit my study. After this it took me 6 years to get back on my feet, but I'm glad to say that I have defeated that monster! It taught me valuable lessons, like dealing with forces outside of my control, truly understanding myself and my goals in life, and appreciating living in the moment.

It also taught me, or strengthened my skills like perseverance, self reliability, flexibility, and being able to listen well to others.

Can you guess why I am a freelancer now?


April 2018 - now:

Appen Butler Hill, Web evaluator

With a accuracy of 99.63% (July 13th) in 273 audits over a total of 20.000+ items reviewed.

2017 - April 2018:

Service Mouse, WordPress websites and Cloud migration.

SMB services installing secure Cloud solutions (Tresorit) and designing user friendly WordPress websites.

2016 - 2017:

Service Mouse, Analogue to Digital lifestyle coach.

Private computer education, helping elderly from a lifestyle without computers to one using Cloud services.
An on site and on demand service including custom made teaching plans, securing local computers, building computers and reinstalling computers.


The hard facts

I moderate, write or design for you to make your vision reality. Be it a safe online environment or a well communicated message.

I have built up experience in several fields, from logistics and transport, to computer maintenance, private consultancy, and coaching.

In 2016 I started my own company, to help the technologically impaired move from their analogue lifestyle, to a lifestyle with the digital Cloud.
I have done a great amount of research into Cloud providers, Cloud security, local computer and network security, and teaching methods.

In 2017 Service Mouse changed from education to web development, and started designing WordPress websites, and coaching the new administrators.
I have developed several WordPress websites for small business clients without any knowledge of coding. But have been designing in Adobe software for 5+ years.

In 2018 I found my passion for freelancing. During my website developing phase I encountered that I liked to write copy and tweak it to be just right, which initiated me to become a freelance writer, which in turn opened my eyes for a lot of other online freelance contracts.
Note that I am a certified moderator at The Register of Trained Moderators (RTM) with this reference: 5b321d57678af

Know enough, need more? Let's continue this via e-mail; my contact information is here. 



Certified Moderator

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